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We are Florida raised, experienced paid circulators. Having done circulating for years, we have grown into one of Miami's most dedicated coordinating team. Owned by Independents, this company is truly nonpartisan, making nothing but the voice of us ALL our only agenda.


If you think you have what it takes to join the team, simply contact us. Experience as a circulator is not needed, although always preferred. As a circulator, you will be going out and getting signatures from Florida Registered Voters for the upcoming elections. Topics range from legalizing marijuana to amending voter rights. We do not take a stand either way on any issue - our job is to simply get signatures so we can vote TOGETHER!

As a paid circulator, you can earn anywhere from $13.50-30 per hour on one contract and/or $200-1700 per week on another, with benefit options for you and your family, and more. This is an opportunity to establish a career in petitioning, a nationwide industry, that is engrained in our legal system - meaning a lifetime of stability. Gathering signatures for petitions utilizes our constitutional amendment, allowing freedom of speech, freedom to be involved in local political issues, freedom to vote on these issues, and the freedom to publicize these issues and bring awareness to the table. It is petitioning that allows laws to be ammended under the request and approval of the majority - so become a part of something that matters today!


Equality Meets Opportunity

A&A Coordinators of America is dedicated to exercising our right to get out there ad vote! With petitions constantly in need of real helping hands to get the issues that matter most on the ballots.  With our circulators getting signatures, we are ensuring that when the time comes, we hold the power to make the decision for ourselves. We are not Democrat or Republican - we are Americans - all fighting to use our voice - and our vote.

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